Thursday, June 2, 2011

Merryweather Lodge: Ancient Revenge book review

 An interview with Paranormal Suspense author
 Pauline Holyoak

Merryweather Lodge – Ancient Revenge….
"A Supernatural Thriller that keeps you on the edge."


Welcome, Pauline! I'm sorry we couldn't get together last week (because of me). But now that you are finally here, let's get right to it. What I love most about books, other than reading them,
 is learning about the person who wrote them!!

Which books have inspired your life most?
Ann of Green Gables, would have to be one. The simplicity, beauty and all the emotion, one could not help but feel for the characters. And, Ann Shirley was a lot like me; full of imagination, determination and was always being told to “stop daydreaming” she never let it stop her and neither did I. Stephen Kings Carrie was another. Not so much for the book its self (although it was packed with horror and suspense) but for Stephens sheer determination to get it published. After years of multiple rejections, throwing it into the trash (his wife took it out) he finally got it published. And Whoa! Success. Inspiration, for all you would-be authors. Books by Dr Wayne Dyer inspire me. I call him my “self help, guru.”
What kind of books are your favorite?
I read across genres. I love stories with emotional depth and characters I can relate to. I like to read some self help books. Especially those of Dr Wayne Dyer.
About Merryweather Lodge…What is your favorite part?
 My protagonist would say “when I first met the gorgeous Jonathan McArthur.” I write in first person so I’ll let her speak for me. My favorite character is Auntie Em. She’s a mix of my mom and grandmother.
What was the hardest part of this book to write?
The funeral. It brought back painful memories and made me cry.
How much of this book is realistic?
It is a fictional novel, inspired by my own experiences in a remote little cottage near Stonehenge. A lot of the elements and some of the events in this story are true. After you have read the book, I’ll tell you which ones.
And finally, which questions are you sick of answering during interviews?
Do you spend much time marketing? Hello! You have to market the heck out of yourself and your book, in this ‘author eat author’ world. Years ago publishers would do it all for you but not anymore. Thank you for not asking that question.
It was nice meeting you like this Stephanie.

Back to me: It was so nice meeting you Pauline. Thanks for the get well wishes and even for working with my daughter who was really trying to keep up with my deadlines while I lay sick.
I want to completely agree with you on determination. When it boils right down to it, if you don't have won't go far. I also love self-help and inspirational books. As far as Dr. Wayne Dyer, I absolutely love his daily affirmatons. And how about, 'The Power of Intention' or 'Manifest Your Destiny?' Great books, I can see why he is such an inspiration to you and your writing. It doesn't surprise me that many parts of the book are inspired by your own personal experiences. I sort of guessed as much, but perhaps that was because you are so wonderful at writing in first person :)
Now here are my personal opinions on this wonderful book.
First off, this isn't a typical genre for me, but I loved it, so I will now be reaching out and looking for many more books similar to 'Merryweather Lodge.'
I loved this book! I must say I was a more than a little spooked throughout. I think Pauline was so right on in the beginning of the when it came to a first crush. An innocent girl feeling those types of feelings for the opposite sex for the first time, oh how I remember that!!
Pauline does an excellent job at bringing so many different dramatic events together all at once, which is so true to real life. At least in my life it is. It's never just two or three things that I need to deal with, it's more like eight or nine things that need to be done by yesterday, lol.

Note: I was not compensated in any way for my opinion to host this review. I did receive a free pdf copy of this book from Pauline to review. I always give my honest opinion on all items that I review.

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